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Wheelchair Safety Course

Wheelchair Safety Course: Courses & Programs
Assistant helping disabled person on wheelchair with transport using accessible van ramp.j

Our Wheelchair Safety Training is ideal for Drivers and Passenger Assistants but also staff who will work specifically with the wheelchair user. The course is delivered by our trainers who have many years of experience in working with different types of equipment and will be able to draw on that experience to advise on all matters related to the safe transportation of wheelchair and Pavement Scooter users.

Physically challenged Driver

This course covers everything we need to know before and during the transportation of Wheelchair users and Pavement Scooters and covers:

  • Risk Assessments

  • Passenger Safety Plans

  • Advice for staff on what they need to consider when boarding and alighting with wheelchair users

  • How to safely use a passenger lift

  • How to safely use a ramp including use of a winch

  • How to safely use different types of Tie-Down equipment

  • Safe evacuation of wheelchair users during a vehicle fire

  • Practical skills assessments

It involves a theory session to prepare for the practical work and will cover case studies of things that can go wrong when transporting wheelchair users. 


After completing the course, the organisation is issued with a comprehensive manual with detailed information of Risk Assessments, Passenger Safety Plans, Tie down equipment, Passenger Lifts, Ramps, a winch, what to do in an emergency, evacuating a wheelchair user and much more.

Each candidate will be issued with a certificate of completion stating evidence of safe practice during practical assessments.

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