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Passenger Assistant Training

Passenger Assistance Training: Courses & Programs
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The Passenger Assistant Training Scheme is also administered by the CTA. The Scheme provides a nationally recognised standard for training Passenger Assistants.  The PATS Scheme is available to anyone who has care or supervision responsibilities of passengers travelling by road.

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People who may need a Passenger Assistant include:

  • Children and young Adults

  • People with emotional or behavioural problems

  • People with physical or learning difficulties

  • People with mental health problems

  • People who are older and frail.

The objectives for a Passenger Assistant Training Candidate are:

  • To be aware of the legal, practical and safety issues surrounding the passenger assistant role

  • To be given help where necessary to improve skills

  • receive training in how to meet the specific needs of their passenger groups

  • be assessed to ensure their skills are of an acceptable standard

  • receive a certificate which is accepted by other PATS members throughout the country.

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Passenger Assistant Training is a “modular” training programme and can be delivered on a stand-alone process or a course that covers all 5 modules.

The Modules:

  •  Module A: The role of a Passenger Assistant. Everyone has to attend this module.

  • Module B1: Passenger Awareness and Assistance

  • Modules B2: Assisting passengers who travel in their wheelchairs

  •  Module C1: Supervising children and young people with special needs

  •  Module C2: Working with adults who require care and supervision.

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