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The Minibus Driver Assessment Scheme

MiDAS: Courses & Programs
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The Minibus Driver Awareness scheme is administered by the Community Transport Association. The scheme provides a nationally recognised standard for the assessment and training of Minibus drivers. The scheme is available to any organisation who use Minibuses or MPV’S in the UK and 5 Counties MiDAS Driver Training have been appointed official Driver Assessor Trainers (DATS).

At 5 Counties MiDAS driver training we pride ourselves in not only the initial training we deliver, but also an ongoing commitment to our customers to help them ensure they are fulfilling their duty of care to their precious cargo. We receive many calls and e-mails with questions from our clients and we are proud to offer all our knowledge from our 33 years within the industry.  

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Our Trainer will come to you for your training, it will take place in your own vehicle and we can train up to 4 people within one day. The course consists of part Theory and part Practical and a typical day looking like the below:

- Theory session

- Vehicle Walk Around Checks

- Practical Driving Assessments

After completing both theory and practical assessments Certificates will be issued to all successful candidates.

Notepad, book of traffic rules and pen on a desk table. Studying and preparing for driving

The objectives of the MiDAS course are:

  • Be assessed to ensure their driving skills are of an acceptable standard

  • Be given help where necessary to improve their minibus driving skills

  • Be aware of the legal, practical and safety issues surrounding minibus driving

  • Be trained in the safe use of accessible minibuses where necessary

  • Receive a certificate which is accepted by other MiDAS members

Practical benefits of MiDAS:

  • Enhanced passenger safety

  • Improved passenger comfort

  • Increased driver confidence

  • Reduced stress on minibus drivers

  • Potential reduction in vehicle running costs

  • Potential reduction in insurance premiums

  • A better image for organisations

  • A better image for minibuses

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